Can I get a SME Loan? Check Now!

You can get an initial or preliminary assessment on your eligibility of getting an SME Loan before formally lodging an application.

Alternatively, you can send an email to us with the following details (given below).

Your Name (Avcbvi bvg ) :

Business Name (e¨emv cÖwZôv‡bi bvg):

Business Address (e¨emvi wVKvbv):

District (‡Rjv) :

Your Contact Details (‡Uwj‡dvb/‡gvevBj b¤^i):

Email (B-‡gBj):

Business experience (e¨emvwqK AwfÁZv):

Yearly Sales (evrmwiK weµ‡qi cwigvb):

Amount of Loan applying for (Av‡e`bK…Z F‡Yi cwigvb ) :

Confirmation of Default or Irregular Loan (Avcbvi wK ‡Kv‡bv Avw_©K cÖwZôv‡b AwbqwgZ FY/KzFY Av‡Q?) :

Additional Details:

Please send us the details to this email address:

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Please note that positive preliminary assessment DO NOT guarantee final credit approval. Final credit approval is subject to detailed documentation and extensive credit assessment.