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Message from the Chairman


Dear stakeholders, it’s a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you to the 6th Annual General Meeting of Agrani SME Financing Company Limited.  I am immensely grateful to you for giving me the opportunity, on behalf of the Board of Directors, to present the salient features of achievement of the Company in the year ending on 31 December 2016.

At this august moment, I remember with reverence the great architect of our independence, the greatest Bengali of all times, the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, whose charismatic leadership has brought Bangladesh a global recognition. I also remember those brave martyrs of 1971 whose great sacrifice have given us the opportunity to be the citizens of an independent country.

With your support and trust, we have passed another successful but challenging year in 2016. The world economy experienced the effects of Brexit referendum and lately hung parliament in United Kingdom and presidential election in United States of America. Despite mixed reaction of world economy in the areas of exchange rate, interest rate and trade, Bangladesh economy witnessed strong economic growth during 2016. During the period the economy grows by 7.11%. This has become possible especially because of visionary plan and programs of the present government and growth supporting monetary and fiscal measures. The major contributing sectors are industry, manufacturing and service sectors with the active support of private sectors credit growth at 15% on November 2016, the liquid money market and foreign exchange market. The declining interest rate and stable exchange rate, inflation within the programmed level supported the above macro-economic parameters. We believe that our economy is better placed for business growth and with your continued support; we will continue serving our client with innovative financial services and keep stretching our boundaries of our targets in the coming days.

During the year 2016, the Company made revenue of BDT 135.66 millions, achieved Profit after Tax of BDT 9.69 million, recorded an EPS of Tk. 0.77 compared to that of 2.93 in the previous year. Due to excess amount of expenditure in Salary and Allowances for implementation of National pay Scale 2015 and non inclusion of recovery amount from written-off loans during the year 2016 (Tk. 22.76 million) as well as making significant amount of Provision against Tax liabilities resulted smaller EPS compare to that of the previous year. Company’s total assets remained at a better position with a growth of 3.55% compared to that of 2015. With more effective processes, stringent procedures, capable people, Agrani SME Financing Company Limited was able to return to a better financial footing in a more sustainable manner.

In this connection, I would like to inform that during the year 2016, a total number of 3126 enterprises have been established which have generated employment opportunities for 7058 persons.  Out of the total employment 1272 were female and 5786 were male.  We hope the opportunity of employment will be generated more in future.

The very ethos of the Company is to walk the path that few choose to take. Being the entrepreneurial organization, the Company is driven by the spirit of developing the enterprises of the niche/missing middle section to help build and develop sustainable small and medium scale entrepreneurs to generate income and employment opportunities with special emphasis on the women entrepreneurs. In addition to loan disbursement, the Company provides comprehensive sets of advisory and capacity building services. The activities of the Company are currently being operated in total 50 branches including a Principal branch situated at the premises of the head office of the Company.

With your support, at the beginning of my tenure as the Chairman my ambitions for the Company remained sky-high. I advised for few issues so that a prudent blend could be adhered to achieve a qualitative growth for the Company and not only to chase growth for the sake of growth itself. I envisioned that the Company would grow further and would create the platform for mutual benefits and growth of the entrepreneurs who are serviced by the Company.

In our journey, as in the path of most businesses engaged in financial services, we reported NPLs through control and with necessary provisions provided for prescribed regulatory ambits. The Company has always endeavored to implement and maintain high standard of Corporate Governance norms and has been practicing the principles of good to corporate governance. Strong supervising role of Bangladesh Bank (BB) over the Company were continued in the year 2016.

As an enterprise that is focused on long term sustainability, we would constantly adjust our sails according to wind speeds. To grow sustainably and profitably, we will continue our focus on further strengthening our capital position and financing the emerging business sectors as well as continue our support to the unbanked and under privileged people to the targeted areas of the Company.


I would like to thank my colleagues in the Board for their outstanding work in the past year. They have applied themselves diligently and with great skill to the responsibilities entrusted to us. Their invaluable insights have provided guidance for the direction that the Agrani SME Financing Company Limited is heading for. We would like to thank all our Management and staff, for their dedication and contribution to the success of this Financial Institution. We also thank our shareholders, customers, Bangladesh Bank, Bank and Financial Institutions Division, Ministry of Finance, GOB, Bankers, Regulatory authorities and other stakeholders for their continuing support in their interactions with the Company.

Mohammad Shans-Ul Islam


The Board of Directors