Core Values & Strategic Objectives



The overall objectives of the company include the following:

1. To carry on the activities for the purposes of enhancing the income of, and employment generation for urban, semi-urban and rural people.

2. To carry on business of SME financing by developing small and medium enterprise through financial assistance in the form of providing loans with the ultimate goal to develop entrepreneurship and to alleviate poverty.

3. To carry on business of SME financing by developing small and medium scale labor intensive enterprise in order to create jobs for the unemployed and increase income for the missing middle group of the country.

4. To arrange entrepreneurship and skill development training programmed for the existing and identified potential entrepreneurs and their employees.

5. To promote women entrepreneurs with giving emphasis and encouragement to the woman entrepreneurs in carrying at small enterprise business so as to enabling.


Development Objectives:

D Support Small Scale Enterprises by increasing sustainable enterprises and increasing the employment.

D Promote development in the selected districts.

D Assist industrialization activities.

D Institution building by strengthening institutions involved in supporting Small Scale enterprises.

Project Specific Objectives:

D Increase number of small scale labor intensive enterprises and strengthen existing ones in the Project area.

D Increase income and employment for the target group including the women entrepreneurs.

D Promote women entrepreneurs.

D Generate income and support a more equitable income distribution.

D Utilize local resources, technology and manpower

D Transfer appropriate technology conducive to industrial growth.

D Strengthen organizations that support SSE development.

D Mobilize local capital.