Women Entrepreneur Loan

According to Bangladesh Bank, “Empowerment of women has now been taken as one of the significant tools for development. The half of the total population of our country is women. It has been observed that their empowerment accelerates the process of development of the country. The participation of women in various entrepreneurial activities has been emphasized from various corners and by different development practitioners. This study has been specially done to explore the role of banks in promoting women entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. It revealed from the study that women could play a vital role in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh in general and particularly for them.”



Agrani SME promotes women entrepreneur loan scheme under SME division of the company with a dedicated desk. The company provides the loan in according to the guidelines and regulations of Bangladesh Bank and with some convenient conditions to the women entrepreneurs. There are some guidelines imposed by Bangladesh Bank and followed by the company as follows:


Woman entrepreneurs having two years of experiences in the same line of business.


Monthly cash flow to support proposed loan installment.

Nature of the Loan

Term Loan

Loan Size

Minimum Tk. 50,000/-(Fifty Thousand)


Maximum Tk. 20.00 lac (Twenty Lac)


Monthly Repayment facility.


No Collateral security upto 2.00 Lac (Two Lac)

Loan Period

Minimum 1 Year. Maximus 5 years.

Interest Rate

14.00% p.a.

Service Charge


Required document/condition


  • 1 (One) copy passport size photograph of borrower/ Partners as well as guarantor(s).
  • Copy of National Identity Card.
  • Copy of valid Trade License.
  • Declaration of Net Worth of the borrower.
  • Duly signed and crossed postdated cheques in favour of Bank branch for each instalment and  one undated cheque for full loan value including full interest supported by memorandum of deposit of cheques.
  • Financial statement.
  • Up to date clean CIB report.
  • NOC from Directorate of Environment, where required.
  • Shortest possible processing & least formalities

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