Board Structure and it's Operation

Board Structure and it's Operation

Agrani SME Financing Company Limited



Board of Directors: Composition


In the best interest of the Company, the Board of the Company considers that its membership should comprise of directors with an appropriate mix of skills, experience and personal attributes that allow the directors, individually and the board, collectively, to discharge their responsibilities and duties, under the law, efficiently and effectively, understand the business of the company and assess the performance of the management. The composition of the Board embraces diversity. The directors have a range of local and international experience and expertise, and specialized skills to assist with decision making and leading the company for the benefit of shareholders.

The Board of Agrani SME Financing Company Limited comprises of 9 directors who process a wide range of skills and experience over a range of professions, business and services. Each of Company’s directors brings in independent judgment and considerable knowledge to perform their roles effectively. The Board of directors ensures that the activities of the company are always conducted with adherence to strict and highest possible ethical standards and the stakeholders.


Selection and Appointment of New Directors


In relation to the selection and appointment of new directors, the existing Board of Directors has the following duties and responsibilities:

· Regularly review the size and composition of the Board and the mix of expertise, skill, experience and perspectives that may be desirable to permit the Board to execute its functions;

· Identify any competencies not adequately represented and agree the process necessary to be assured that a candidate nominated by the shareholders with those competencies is selected;

The directors are appointed by the shareholders in the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Causal vacancies, if any, are filled up by the Board in accordance with the stipulation of the companies act, 1994 and Articles of the Company.


Retirement and Re-election of Directors


As per the Article of Association of the company, one- third of the directors to retire in every year shall be those who have been longest in office givem their last election, but as between persons who became directors on the same day, those to retire shall (unless they otherwise agree themselves) be determined by lot, but remains eligible for re-election.


Role and Responsibilities of the Board

The Board is committed to the company seeking to achieve superior financial performance and long term prosperity, while meeting stockholder’s expectation of sound corporate governance practices. The Board determines the corporate governance arrangements for the company. As with all its business activities, the Board is proactive in respect of corporate governance and puts in place those arrangement which it considers are in the best interest of the company and its shareholder, and consistence with its responsibilities to other stakeholders.

The Board duty complies with the guidelines issued by Bangladesh Bank regarding the responsibility and accountability of the Board, its Chairman and Chief Executive/Managing Director, vide DFIM Circular No. 7 dated September 25, 2007. The Board of Directors is in full control of the company’s affairs and is also fully accountable to the shareholders.

They firmly believe that the success of the Company largely depends on the credible corporate governance practices adopted by the Company. Taking this into consideration, the Board of directors of Agrani SME Financing Company Limited set out its strategic focus and oversees the business and related affairs of the Company. The Board also formulates the strategic objectives and policy framework for the Company.


Chairman of the Board


The Chairman of the Board is elected to the office of Chairman by the directors. The Board considers that the Chairman is independent.


Role of the Chairman

The Chairman runs the Board. The Chairman serves as the primary link between the Board and the Management, and works with the CEO and Company Secretary to set of the agenda for Board meetings. It is the Chairman’s responsibility to provide leadership to the Board and ensure that the Board works effectively and discharges its responsibilities as directors of the Company. Chairman of the Board & CEO of the company are different person. The Chairman of the Board is not the Chief Executive of the Company. The role of Chairman and the CEO & Managing Directors are independent and separate.


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