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Assalamu Alaikum,

Thank you for visiting our website. I would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce our financial institution to you.


Agrani SME Financing Company Limited  has been incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 27 October, 2010 vide certificate of incorporation No. C- 87827/10. The Company has taken over the ongoing activities of Small Enterprise Development Project – SEDP (A Norway and Agrani Bank funded Project of Ministry of Finance, Bangladesh) on a going concern basis through a Vendor’s Agreement signed between the Financial Institution Division, Ministry of Finance, People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the Board of Directors on behalf of the Agrani Bank Limited and the Board of Directors on behalf of the Agrani SME Financing Company Limited on 27 December, 2011. The Company has set 31 December, 2011 as the effective date of handing over the SEDP operation to Agrani SME Financing Company Limited. The Company’s current shareholdings comprise the Agrani Bank Limited and six other shareholders nominated by the Bank.


Since then the institution has been rendering financial services to missing middle niche section of the entrepreneurs with giving utmost importance to the women entrepreneurs of the country. At present, the institution has 53 branches in the country with having a concentration in the greater Faridpur & greater Mymensingh districts.


The most fundamental driver of our business is our sense of supporting the spirit of                      entrepreneurship among our talented countrymen in niche section of the economy. Providing timely and judiciously priced capital, offering advice on economic and market trends and maintaining strong communication channels with them ensures that we remain the preferred financial gateway in the operational areas. Moreover, in addition to loan disbursement, our Company provides     comprehensive sets of advisory and capacity building services to the existing and probable new and potential borrowers.


In addition to performing the backward linkage function for graduating the entrepreneurs through providing smaller loans comparing with the loans that are being provided by the holding company i.e. Agrani Bank Limited, strengthening financial inclusion remained one of the core objectives of Agrani SME Financing Company Limited. The company always tries to bring the unbanked group of people into mainstream financial sectors' to involve them towards socio-economic development.


Like to grow as an entrepreneur! Grow with us, help developing our country. Raise your hand or show us an insignia. We will be right there at your doorstep with the kind of assistance you need.


I welcome you to visit our website for more information, Branch or any other information as you need . I hope you will get a different flavor of financial services by being with us.



Wish you all a happy financial service.



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Md. Rafiqul Islam

Managing Director & CEO

2020-11-09 07:17:34

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